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Feed Your Face: Younger, Smoother Skin in 28 Delicious Days


cover It's Here: My first book, FEED YOUR FACE! I’ll tell you how you can get better skin at your very next meal, just by looking in your pantry and fridge.
Find out what to order at your favorite restaurants that can help fight breakouts, sun damage, and wrinkles. Easy to use, yummy, and practical, it’s packed with testimonials, unretouched photos, and celeb anecdotes and food diaries – so you’ll get the inside scoop on what the celebs are really eating.
Feed Your Face is also the story of my journey from pimply-faced bookworm to fashion-obsessed LA dermatologist.

Along the way, you’ll find out:

  • What seemingly healthy foods (grapes, pretzels, rice cakes) may be making your breakouts worse and your wrinkles deeper?
  • What snack food can help ward off gray hair?
  • Can eating out be good for your skin?


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