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How to Revive Dull, Post-Summer Skin
Written by Dr Jessica Wu   

If you had some fun in the sun this Summer, you may be left with some unattractive souvenirs ...


Tuesday, September 15 2015

How to Revive Dull, Post-Summer Skin

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If you had some fun in the sun this Summer, you may be left with some unattractive souvenirs: dull, dry, flaky patches and tired-looking skin. To give it back its glow, try using a powder exfoliator. As a young girl, I remember seeing my grandmother use powders from Japan to cleanse her skin, and now they’re available in the US.

What is a powder exfoliator? It contains tiny grains that buff off dry patches and dead skin cells to reveal plump, new cells underneath. Traditionally, women used pure rice powder or finely ground dried red “azuki” beans. Modern versions contain a variety of powdered ingredients.

How do you use it? Mix a small amount with water in your palm to form a paste, then massage into wet skin and rinse off. You can also add to your favorite cleansing liquid or oil to make your own custom polish. Can be used daily or as a once or twice-weekly treatment, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

How is it different from a scrub? The particles are smaller than most scrubs, so they tend to be less abrasive.

Who would benefit? It’s a good option if your skin is too sensitive for chemical exfoliants such as glycolic and salicylic acids. Be sure to read the label, since some contain acids, enzymes, and other active ingredients. Others contain plastic polyethylene beads that pollute the water and are eaten by fish.

Try Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder ($65 at Sephora and or Josie Maran Argan Exfoliating Cleansing Powder ($40 at Sephora and, or make your own all-natural exfoliator by mixing food-grade rice flour with water, face wash, or your favorite cleansing oil.

Breaking Beauty News: 

According to a new study in the scientific journal Cancer, mobile phones and tablets can reflect UV rays onto your face when you use them outdoors. For example, iPhones reflected 35% of UV rays. The researchers say this could possibly increase the risk of sun damage and skin cancer, so those who use devices outside should be extra diligent with sunscreen.

Style Obsession:
Dakota Johnson at the Venice Film Festival


I’m not usually a huge fan of prints, but this stunning Rodarte dress on Dakota Johnson is definitely one of my top Fall fashion inspirations. The large, stylized poppy blooms and A-line midi length are so pretty and flattering, and I love that she paired it with chunky velvet burgundy sandals.


Auto Eyebrow Pencil

I’ve tried many different brow pencils, but I always come back to this drugstore bargain. It stays put all day, even on my greasy skin, and I like the flat tip (kind of like a highlighter shape) so you can draw thin hairs or quickly fill in your brows. It’s made with coconut and soybean oils, and comes in eight shades. About $4.75 at Target, drugstores, and
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