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Good-For-Your-Skin Poptails
Written by Dr Jessica Wu   

Growing up in sunny SoCal, my sisters and I loved getting Popsicles, Fudgsicles and Creamsicles from the ice cream truck, so these frozen treats ...


Friday, August 21 2015

Good-For-Your-Skin Poptails

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Growing up in sunny SoCal, my sisters and I loved getting Popsicles, Fudgsicles and Creamsicles from the ice cream truck, so these frozen treats instantly take me back to lazy childhood summers. When it’s warm outside, I like experimenting with frozen versions of my favorite cocktails (otherwise known as poptails). Here are two yummy, good-for-your-skin recipes that I’ll be making this weekend. (For virgin poptails and fewer calories, leave out the alcohol.)

Bloody Mary Poptails. Tomatoes are high in the antioxidant lycopene and have been shown to protect skin from sunburn and sun damage, so serve these at any cookout. Look for low-sugar and low-sodium tomato juice. To make: Combine in a blender 2 cups tomato juice, 1 celery stalk (sliced), 1/4 cup vodka, a few drops Worcestershire sauce, 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Puree, then strain into a measuring cup with a spout. Pour into ice-pop molds (mine are from Crate and Barrel) and freeze at least 3 to 4 hours.

Sangria Poptails. Sangria, the popular Spanish red wine punch, is often very sweet, but you can make your own low-sugar version. Red wine contains polyphenol antioxidants and has also been shown to have sun-protective effects. To make: Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and 2 oranges into a large pitcher. Cut the remaining fruit into chunks or slices and add, along with any other sliced fruit of your choice (I like strawberries and peaches). Pour in 1 bottle red wine, and 1 to 2 shots rum or brandy. Chill a few hours, then add 2 cups chilled club soda and stir well. Pour into ice-pop molds (I like to add a thin slice of strawberry or peach to each pop) and freeze.


Cold-pressed juice is all the rage and so refreshing on a hot summer day, but BEWARE! I got food poisoning after drinking a green juice from a very popular juice bar (which shall remain nameless). To preserve nutrients, the juices are not pasteurized; however, that means they can grow bacteria if not handled and stored correctly. (The bottle was cold and I drank it right away, so it wasn’t sitting in my hot car.) From now on, I will only drink cold juice from fruits and veggies that I’ve scrubbed clean and juiced myself. Has anyone else had this experience??

Style Obsession:
Harper’s Bazaar 2015 ICONS


Every year I look forward to the September issues of fashion magazines, and this year I can’t wait to see Bazaar’s Icons issue. It features celebs such as Katy Perry, Oprah, Mariah, Jessica Chastain, and Willow Smith photographed by Jean-Paul Goude (who also took that photo of Kim Kardashian and the Champagne). Each celeb is dressed as their inspiration: Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor via Warhol (my favorite); Oprah as Glinda the Good Witch, and Mariah as Marie Antoinette, among others. On newsstands today.


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