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Fall 2011 
This fall, I’ll be mixing high waisted skirts and slouchy bottoms in menswear fabrics with feminine, body-conscious tops.I’m going to look for those pleated wool trousers in the back of my closet, hem them above the ankles, and wear them with platform booties.
On weekends, I plan on living in harem pants and slouchy skinny jeans, which are loose in the hips and thighs and skinny below the knee.
Paired with a fitted or belted blouse, this shape will make you look taller and thinner.
Even in LA, it can get cool in the evenings, so I’ll be looking for a faux fur vest to wear over my hoodies.
image001 Banana Republic tops great for layering under a cardigan or fitted jacket
my cool, talented friends 

Here are some folks that help make the world a better, more beautiful place.


Scott Barnes is a celebrated makeup artist, author, and fellow beauty entrepreneur.  He has an amazing eye, incredible vision, and unparalleled talent at bringing out a woman’s true beauty.  I feel like the most gorgeous woman in the world when he works on my face; plus I don’t put on a skirt without his Body Bling.


Betsy Burnham is a creative genius.  She turned my ho hum office into a stylish,  inviting space where my patients are comfortable and where I truly enjoy spending time.  It all started with blue silk walls and white lizard wallcovering that looks like a pair of shoes.


Dara Gerson is a super-cool chick and the co-founder of Alkemie Jewelry, a line of edgy, eco-conscious jewelry made from reclaimed metals.  Her designs are inspired by nature, the sea, and the animal kingdom, with a tough edge.  I love her chunky cuffs and pendants—no dainty little jewelry for me!

What I’m paying attention to nowadays 

I admit it, I read People and watch TMZ…  It’s the perfect brain candy when I need a break from the serious medical science-y stuff.  But you also need to feed your brain the good stuff from time to time.  Here’s what I’m paying attention to nowadays:

-Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (stieg larsson book) . I’m finally reading this bestseller.  But I admit, it’s slow going. When does it get juicy?

-The Economist- I never took economics in college, but I understand burgernomics and the Big Mac index.  The obituaries are always fascinating—is that morbid?

What I’ve been eating and drinking lately 

Next to beauty and fashion, I have to say that I spend a lot of time thinking about food: What to eat, what I ate, what I shouldn’t have eaten, and, whenever I look at a Cheesecake Factory menu, what I wish I could eat if I were an 18 year old supermodel with freakishly fast metabolism.

And let’s not forget drinking, for thirst and for recreation. Here’s what I’ve been eating and drinking lately.

-salmon with green & yellow squash from La Scala restaurant. My go-to weekday dinner. This meal is good for your skin in so many ways!

-dried green beans—a yummy, good for you snack. Fine them at Whole Foods.


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